Inhale Exhale Headboard Sticker

TenStickers. Inhale Exhale Headboard Sticker. Decorate your home, but especially your bedroom, with this fantastic love inspired wall text sticker! Extremely long-lasting material.

Wall colour

Measurements (width x height)
Inhale, exhale! A magnificent headboard sticker, perfect for the bedrooms of those happy couples who also love to relax, either through meditation or yoga! Put simply, inhaling and exhaling is one of the most important things we can do in our lives - It is exactly how we breathe! If we stop there will be trouble, so show that importance with some wall decor!

Available in a variety of colours and sizes. Like all of our decals, it is easy to apply and extremely long-lasting. Made using bubble-proof vinyl and leaves no damage or residue upon removal.


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