Life Is a Beach Home Wall Sticker

TenStickers. Life Is a Beach Text Sticker. Show off to the world just how much you love summer with this amazing summer wall decal. Choose from a range of over 50 colors!

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Now you can show off to the world how much you love the beach and the summer time with this amazing summer wall decal. This product depicts the words “life is a beach” surrounded by images that remind one of the seaside, such as palm trees, far-off mountains, seagulls and the outline of the Sun. This summer text wall sticker comes in a range of over 50 colors and can be customized with a range of different sizes and dimensions. What's more, you'll find that this sticker can be applied to any wall or smooth surface in your home with no fear of getting any bubbles or wrinkles.


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Reference: A16377

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