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Other Kids Vinyl Rugs

Take a look at all the other kids vinyl rugs not yet placed in a category. Their uniqueness will bring joy to any little one and with some even being other customisable kids vinyl rugs letting you add that personalised touch to their room. 

Our other pvc vinyl kids mats are perfect for a busy household due to how simple they are to care for, one wipe with a damp cloth and all done! No need to get  the hoover out again! Giving you one less thing to focus on. They are also extra resistant to discolouration and problems like tearing, whilst protecting your floor from any stains, scratches or spills. Our amazing vinyl is also hypoallergenic and poses no threat to children of pets, letting you relax without any worries! Like all our products, this other kids vinyl flooring is incredibly high quality and resistant, it truly is one of the best investments you could make for your home.

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