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Amercian coffee vintage vinyl carpet

TenStickers. Amercian coffee vintage vinyl carpet. Look at those colorful designs, how amazing it would be to have them in your room It couldn't be easier! Zero residue upon removal.
Measurements (width x height)
Look at this colorful vinyl rug design, how amazing it would be to have it in your room. It couldn't be easier, order this modern vinyl carpet from our website and enjoy this new decoration in your room. It has some excellent qualities, it is easy to clean, you only need to use a damp cloth when it gets dirty, it is also very durable, so it will be an investment for many years. The modern and multi-coloured rectangular vinyl carpet can be made to your size and you will surely be happy with your choice. Also, the design of the paint stains is quite unusual, so it will show its vivid personality through those colorful designs.

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