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Colorful triangular vinyl mosaic rug

TenStickers. Colorful triangular vinyl mosaic rug. A multicoloured triangular original vinyl mosaic rug of high quality with comfortable feeling and easy to maintain. This product easy to clean.
Measurements (width x height)
Colorful triangular vinyl mosaic rug design of triangular shaped assembled in multiple of square patterns This design is created in multiple of colours of brown,blue,yellow,white,green,grey and more. This very colourful product is organised in uniform order. This design can be used anywhere you desire like the living room, bedroom, and the kids play room. This multicoloured triangular vinyl mosaic rug product is very easy to use because of it high quality, it has a very comfortable feel and you can just clean with soft clothes when it is stained. You can purchase this product from our website and you will get it delivered within a short time.

Information about Colorful triangular vinyl mosaic rug

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