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Mosaic memphis style vinyl carpet

TenStickers. Mosaic memphis style vinyl carpet. A colourful Mosaic Memphis style vinyl rug that is easy to clean and great for your living room . This product can be ordered from our website.
Measurements (width x height)
Mosaic Memphis style vinyl rug for your beautiful home. This is a beautiful design that you would want to have in your living room or bedroom. This design contains special patterns in multiple of colours. This Mosaic Memphis style vinyl carpet design is in colours of pink,yellow, brown, white, blue and black. You will enjoy this product because it is of very high quality and easy to maintain like any other carpet. You can clean it with soft damp clothes with some water and natural soup. It can be scrubbed, swept and moped without problem. You can order this product from our website and you will get it withing a short time.

Information about Mosaic memphis style vinyl carpet

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