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Silhouette cat and dog stickers

We have cats and dogs galore in this collection of dog and cat silhouette stickers. Perfect for people wanting to create an amazing atmopshere and look in your room. From cats playing with balls of yarn, dogs chewing on a bone, or cats and dogs playing together! There's definitely something in this superb collection to suit your tastes, needs and preferences! So why not discover this fanastic range now?

Plenty of pawesome designs to decorate your home with!

Our dog and cat silhouette decals are availble in many different styles, designs and sizes, so you can get your perfect sticker! They are also available in over 50+ colours so you could have for example a pink silhouette, a yellow one, or whatever you would like!

One of our amazing designs includes a cat silhouette sticker that is atually a clock! How cool is that? A fun cat design that will make you want to check the clock all the time! Designs like this will also help encourage your kids to learn how to tell the time! 

Another popular design is the dog silhouette stickers depicting different breeds of dogs. For example we have a silhouette of a beagle! If you have a pet beagle you adore, or simply like this breed, then why not celebrate your love about beagles with a silhouette of one?

We here at TenStickers are very lucky that we have an amazing design team at our and your disposal! Meaning they can use their talents to make a perfect silhouette of cats and dogs sticker for you. Prehaps you have a furry friend and want a silhouette of them on your walls, but are unable to find the breed of your pet in our collection. Why not send us an email with a photo of your best pal, or a sample of what you would like, along with details such as sizes and colours. You'll then be one step closer to having your dream design! Our design team will also be more than happy to change one of our designs a bit, so if you like a design but would like a different size which isn't available on our site then just let us know!

So why no treat yourself to one of these amazing dog and cat silhouette wall sticker? All of our stickers a finished with a matte look so any stray lights won't be reflected in your rooms!

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